3 Handy Dandy Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Visibility & ROI

I was talking to one of my clients on Skype a few days ago and our subject of discussion was what needs to be done to improve her website’s search engine visibility and ROI.

In this post I shall provide you with some valuable information on what you can do today to improve your search engine visibility and secure better ROI.

1. Focus Your Efforts On Positions 11-15

Click through rates can be significantly increased by simply changing the position of keywords sets. You only have to move them just a bit in terms of positions at times to see the increase. If people aren’t happy with what they get on the first page, they just refine their search. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that page 2 rankings are bad. Depending on your website size, this approach can bring dramatic impact.

Keywords are important. Use terms that have strong conversions and high monthly search volume. Know these terms well, and pay close attention to them. It can take time and effort to get them on page 1, but the volume lifts will be worth your effort and time.

2. Tweak Your Meta Tags

Though I hear people saying that Meta tags are not at all important these days, but you got to believe me that they are as important as they ever were. Tweaking your meta tags can help a lot especially if you have never paid much attention to it before. Some basic changes you can do to your meta tags include (assuming my primary target keyword is ‘kitchen cabinet’) –

  • Making your target keyword in your Meta title. Something like – XYZ.com – Kitchen Cabinet at Resale Rate
  • If the meta title consists of only target keyword(s) then try adding some extra words to it. The last thing you want to do is make it look spammy and unnatural. Changing title from Kitchen Cabinet to XYZ.com – Kitchen Cabinet For A Perfect Kitchen helps a lot.
  • Always make sure your Meta description tag is natural and readable description of the webpage and not some keyword-stuffed sentence.
    • “kitchen cabinet, kitchen cabinets, cheap kitchen cabinets, stylish kitchen cabinets” – is improper
    • “Looking for kitchen cabinets? We have a huge collection of kitchen cabinets. Whether you are looking for cheap kitchen cabinets or stylish ones; we have everything for you” –  this would be proper.
  • If you are having singular as well as plural variant of the keyword as targets (for instance ‘kitchen cabinet’ and ‘kitchen cabinets’) then it is best to use the plural variant in Meta title and singular variant in meta description tag.

3. Stay Informed With Direct Responsive Marketing Techniques

Consider paid searches in the first phase of your search engine marketing campaign. To be successful, you have to put in a lot of effort. You have to analyze everything at the keyword level and identify what buyer keywords are in your niche. Obviously, a person searching for ‘pet food’ is less likely to buy (since he might just be interested in different options available) pet food than the one searching for ‘buy pet food online’. You also have to vigorously test every option you have in terms of keyword research as well as in choosing the networks.

A great way to boost your ROI is to make sure your meta tags reflect your product specialty or your offer. When you are working on description and title tags, be sure to include –

  • price points
  • calls to actions
  • percentages off
  • make sure to establish a sense of great urgency

An example of a perfectly crafted meta description can be –

“Largest selection of kitchen cabinets – cheap and stylish. Get Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more. Read reviews, and avail 20% discount. Offer valid only till stocks lasts!”

Be very precise as to what landing pages you are ranking. Map out highly important keywords that will give you the best chance at conversion when any prospect lands on the page. Non-branded traffic should never be sent to the home page of the website. If you can get visitors to your products page quickly, then your sales should increase drastically in a very short span of time.

Lastly, get in touch with experts; let them know you marketing goals and let the experts help you.

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