Choosing SEO Keywords The Right Way: 3 Tips to Get You Started

Most of the clients that request SEO quote from me usually are not sure about the keywords they shall go after. There are also a portion of those who have chosen wrong keywords. Choosing right SEO keywords is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign and you sure do not want to get this bad. So the BIG question is ‘How can I choose the best keyword to promote my business?’ The answer is not simple. Let us go through some of the ways to get some good keyword ideas.

Let us consider some of the techniques that can help us find some good keywords for you.

Ask And Thou Shall Be Given Keywords

The basic strategy for finding right keywords is to ask yourself a question – “What is the purpose of my website?”. An answer to it will bring you the basic keyword idea that can serve as a groundwork for further research. For instance, if you own a website called Now you ask the question to yourself. The answer would be something close to – “The purpose of my website is to sell grocery coupons online”. There you go! You have your basic keywords which are – ‘grocery coupons’, ‘grocery coupons online’, ‘sell grocery coupons’ and maybe a couple more like ‘sell grocery coupons online’.

You do not want to pick irrelevant broad keywords like ‘coupons’ or ‘grocery’ (as in above example) since these keywords and will never get visitors that are specifically interested in your main product (which in above example would be ‘grocery coupon’).

Keeping Away From Broad Keywords; Even If There Are NOT Irrelevant

Sometimes when you ask ‘the question’, you might come up with answers like “The purpose of my website is to sell plasma TVs online”. Now in such a case, saying that the keyword ‘plasma TV’ is irrelevant is not true. However, I would still discourage that since the competition for the keyword ‘plasma TV’ will be extremely high and ranking would only be possible when you have an aged website with some nice authority. Either that or you are very lucky to have (giving you the domain relevancy advantage). So it is best to avoid such keywords. What you can do here is target keyphrases which are less competitive – something like ‘buy plasma TV online’; or geo-target the keyword to reach smaller audience at a time – something like ‘plasma TV Sydney’ or ‘Plasma TV Ohio’. By doing so; you will be entering a lesser competitive market where you will have better chances of ranking.

Using Google Keyword Tool To Get Keywords

Google AdWord’s Keyword Tool can prove to be a powerful tool in finding new target keywords. Just put the basic keyword idea you have in there and hit ‘Search’ and us shall be present with 100s of keyword/keyphrase ideas to chose from. When using this tool; there are three things you need to make sure of –

  1. You have set ‘Locations and Languages’ right
  2. You have ticked the checkbox which says ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’. If you do not check this, you are likely to end up with huge number of unrelated keywords.
  3. You have selected ‘Exact’ under Match Types.

Hope this articles help you with some initial keyword ideas. If you need any help; Contact Us.

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