Good SEO Vs. Bad SEO – A Good SEO Preaches What Is Right

Today I came across a website that was in a real messed-up situation, from SEO perspective. The webmaster was constantly falling off in Google rankings. His website’s search engine visibility has been going downhill since August 2013. “Even after working on the website for so long, my SEO company was unable to get it back in rankings” – he said.

On evaluating the website, I found that it had a heck lot of unnatural backlinks pointing to it, we are talking in volumes of over 5,000 per month. On talking to the client about this, he confirmed that it was indeed what he signed up for with another SEO company. I informed him that such an unnatural count and poor quality of backlinks is dangerous and talked about how the other SEO company cheated him and is responsible for the website’s current standing. He said that they didn’t cheat him and it was the client who demanded high volume of links over small quantity of links. He emphasized that he needed to rank fast.

Though (in a way) the client actually messed up his own website, I really felt bad that the other SEO company did this even when they would/should have known the consequences. It is sad that a SEO company basically destroyed a website’s search engine visibility just to please the client.  Hence, today’s SEO thought –


A Good SEO Preaches What Is Right.
A Bad SEO Preaches What Will Sell.

It is absolutely must for a SEO that –

  • It keeps the client informed of what is relevant in today’s SEO industry
  • It discourages client’s those SEO decisions that could hurt the search engine visibility of the website
  • It only allows/employs those SEO techniques that are proper and would not negatively affect the website in longer run
So what do you think? Do you think a SEO should accept and agree to everything a client demands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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