Local Business SEO: Target Right Audience For A Better ROI

ost of the businesses these days are unable to get promised ROI on their search engine optimization campaign. A part of the reason is they are unable to target the right audience effectively. While setting-up a SEO campaign, it is always crucial that we pick out the keyword phrases that can bring in the most targeted and relevant traffic which would convert and provide ROI. In order to secure relevant traffic that would be interested in your product or services, here are few simple tips and tools you can use.

Optimize For Your Serviceable Area

The most important part of your SEO keyword research process is finding the keywords that pertain to your business’s serviceable area. Say you have a carpet cleaning business located in Boston which serves Boston and nearby areas. Trying to rank for broader keywords like ‘carpet cleaning’ or ‘carpet cleaning company’ or ‘carpet cleaning service’ etc would indeed bring in a lot of traffic for your website. But would this traffic be any good? Would this traffic convert? No! The reason is that the traffic you are getting is nationwide/global while your serviceable area is limited to Boston (and nearby areas). Chances are that a person looking for carpet cleaning in Seattle lands on your website but doesn’t opt for your ‘free no-obligation quote form’ because your business doesn’t serve the Seattle area. Thus, it is crucial that you target geo-specific keywords that would bring in the most relevant traffic.

Branch Out & Explore

Most of the businesses focus their attention on one set of keywords. While this is a good idea, it really helps if you branch out and target additional keyword groups that are relevant to your business. For instance – lets say you have a ‘hair salon’ in New York City. Then obvious choice of keywords would be those related to ‘hair salon nyc’. However, targeting additional relevant keyword groups like ‘hair stylists’ or ‘hair service’ or ‘hair coloring’, etc. would open doors to new and a different type of traffic for your business website. It is required that you do not just stick with one set of keywords but rather branch out and discover more relevant and related keywords that your buyers might be searching for.

Finding Targetable Geo-Locations

Another problem most businesses face is that they are unable to detetermine the specific cities and locations where they can povide their service. This inhibits them from covering the entire serviceable area and gain more relevant traffic.  An easy way to find all the nearest areas your business can serve is by using the free and extremely simple tool at 5minutesite.com.

Let’s say you have an ‘auto repair shop’ business in Seattle (Zipcode – 98134) and you can serve 10 miles around the location. In order to find other areas that are there in the 10 miles radius and can be targeted, you just need to visit the page at http://www.5minutesite.com/local_keywords.php and use it. Simply enter your business’s zip code location, target radius (in miles) and the target keyword(s) and hit the ‘submit’ button. You will be presented with geo-modified keywords that can be used in your campaign.

Putting Google Autocomplete To Use

Google autocomplete feature comes in handy for SEO keyword research. Often, it brings to you those relevant and related keyword phrases you could have otherwise overlooked. Using the Google autocomplete feature for finding relevant keyword phrases is easy. Simply head over to Google.com and start typing the keyword in the search box. You will be presented with a lot of different keyword ideas that you can then use as a part of your SEO strategy. If need be, work on these new keywords and refine your target keyword list.

Deliver The Right Content

At the end, everything comes down to delivering right content. No one is going to sign up for your services or your offer if the landing page doesn’t deliver custom-tailored content for people performing those searches. It is hence required that you pay proper attention to the landing pages and ensure that they are as perfectly crafted as possible. Make it a point that the landing page content satiates a user’s search and delivers optimized content.

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