8 Tips To Make Your Blog Popular And Loved By Google

To taste blogging success right from the very beginning, make sure your blogs are fabricated in a perfect Google-friendly style. Obviously, you need to prepare for strong ground-work solely in tune with the set criteria of Google. You definitely want all your efforts in the form of blog to be loved by Google and you can easily do that by being versed about website behavior. Now, you might be curious to understand what is really meant by the concept of website behavior. Well, to put it in real simple words, it is more like a study of interaction; a sort of synergy between the website and the audience and also the search engine.

I have tried jotting down a few valuable tips which would help you make your blog Google-friendly.

Keep It Simple

I understand that this has been mentioned again and again on several different blogging guides but it is so vital that no matter how many times you have read it; you can read it again and embrace it – ‘keep your post simple and easy-to-understand’. If it is short in length but affluent with info, your post is definitely likeable to all.

If blogs are type-written with loads of complex words and unwanted exaggeration, people seldom find it interesting to go through the whole post. It is quite obvious that readers will feel a post to be monotonous and stereotypical if the same point is described again and again. So write-up short posts and make it even more fascinating by incorporating valuable points to it, which are of-course relevant to the subject of the blog.

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Use Social Media

The world has turned into a serious rat-race and marketing plays the key role. In blogging, you can always roll-in traffic by popularizing your blog in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many more. Interacting with influencers in your niche and then leveraging their influence for getting visitors is another great strategy. Robert Caruso has got a great strategy for building relationships with influencers in your niche.

Set Your Sight On The Targeted Visitors

Why are you pushing the keys in your computer writing-up something for your blog? Well, very obviously because you love your blog to be read by good audience. I am sure before you kick-start your blog, you will be having a good idea about your audience. So first target your visitors and list down the best topics you could write for your blog by participating in forum discussions. Do you know what could perk up your chances of grand-slam in blogging? Start jotting down posts people are actually searching for. Visitors read blog posts only when they are interesting or giving them a solution to their questions. You have to pen down a solution to mousetrap more and more audience, which means greater traffic and finally a big hit for your blogging site. Once your blogging site is a hit, it is sure to count itself in the list of Google favorites.

Fish For The Most Sought-After Keywords

People are looking at search engines for solutions to all of their queries (‘search queries’ to be precise). This is where ‘most sought-after keywords’ step in. Going after one of the most widely searched keywords or keyword phrases in search-engines can really help in getting traffic. Optimizing a blog post for a target keyword is a different topic of discussion altogether. However, placing the keywords in the blog title, body and conclusion can really help in initial optimization.

Accessorize Your Blog With Comic Sense

A touch of humor to your regular post makes the distinctness stand. Experienced writers know the trick to play well with words. Therefore scripting an interesting blog highlighting areas of jocularity is not only easy for them to write but also makes them the crackerjacks in a blog-based rat race.


Submitting website sitemaps in .xml format in Google is the first big step you can make towards success. Do you know what advantages you can earn if you proceed with .xml format of sitemaping? Once you have submitted .xml sitemap in Google, the rest of the work is wrapped up by the Search Engine Spider. Visitors find it easy to locate your blog with the help of a navigational sitemap.

Opt For Text Navigation When Posting Blogs

Flash scripting and Java versions of scripting might not always be recognized by search engines. If a text form of navigation is used, it is good for your blogging website. It also helps pass link juice to the inner pages and facilitates trust flow.

Blog Frequently

The beauty of a blog is in its dynamic nature. Unlike a website, a blog can be used to publish any amount of information as often as you like. Utilize this ability to engage your readers and supply them with valuable information on a regular basis. ‘Frequently’ doesn’t mean daily; you are free to choose your own pace. Most business owners would be sticking to 1-2 posts per week while there are other professional bloggers who would be writing 2-3 posts per day. Once you have decided your pace and are sticking to it; you will see there would be a lot of repeat visits by people who like your posts and are ready to share.

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