Finding Right SEO Keywords to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic Instantly

I wrote about how to find some good keywords a few days ago. Though the article was pretty good in finding some initial good keywords to get you started with your SEO campaign but it wasn’t quite good enough for advanced SEO campaigns. This post will help you discover GOLD.

Focusing only on popular keywords in a niche is not a good idea. This can often lead to heavy SEO campaign involving tons of cash with lesser ROI. Using unique keywords to get better ROI with lesser investment is pure gold. So how exactly do we discover this gold? Answer is simple –

“find out the keywords your clients use to find your website”

Sounds good! But how do we do it? This is pretty simple as well. There are various tools like Google Analytics which helps you track the keywords which brings traffic to your website. Setting proper tracking in Analytics can even lead to see what keywords convert better than the others.

It is crucial to understand that when you are ranking a page for a keyword; it automatically gets indexed and ranked for several other keywords which are closely related to the keyword. For instance; suppose you have a gaming blog; you are running a SEO campaign where the primary keyphrase is ‘free fun games’; and you are currently at #8 for it. This blog would then be ranking for other related keywords automagically. Some of the keywords it would be ranking in top 100 could be like – ‘fun games’, games for fun’, ‘gaming for fun’, ‘free gaming’ and so on. The possibilities are endless. Depending on your site structuring, the backlinks flow on the site and on-site optimization; there could be different keywords that would be ranking well without much effort or without even being included in your SEO campaign.

Now assuming you are ranked for a keyword say ‘games for fun’ on position 14 without this keyword even being included in your SEO campaign. If we further assume that this keyword gets around 700 searches per day and you are getting 10-20 visitors per day from this keyword; so a quick way to increase traffic would be to SEO for this keyword. Fix the on-page issues if any; get yourself some SEO help and start SEOing for the keyword. Since you are already are on position 14 moving up to page 1 would not be that difficult. Any rise in rankings can dramatically improve traffic. Moving from position 14 to position 5 can increase your traffic by as much as 10 times. So what you get is – faster ranking, rapid increase in traffic and lastly more sales or goal conversions.

So to sum it up; here is what you need to do –

  1. Install Google Analytics on your website (sign up here) | Video Tutorial here.
  2. Wait for a period of at least 15 days
  3. Evaluate the referring keywords that are sending you traffic
  4. Check your website’s current position for all the keywords
  5. Pick out the keywords where you are ranked between position 10-30
  6. Start SEO

Do drop me a line if you have some questions or need help setting up Analytics or an SEO campaign.

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