No More Same Domain Results: Google Improves Search Diversity

After having received loads of criticisms in recent weeks, Google has finally come up with a very serviceable solution. Well, the subject of complain was precisely targeted to the problem highlighted in Google search result pages which revealed multiple results to queries from the very same domain. However Google has bumped into the root of the issue and has set an algorithm update to facilitate the availability of variance in search results.

Matt Cutts, the engineer honcho of Google Webspam did not fail to narrate a few words relevant to algorithm update in his tweet.

Here is what he tweeted –

We expect the modified algo to display a distinct diversity in search results but if it’s just a scheme to sweep love across several domains, then it is sure to invite a lot of scoops.

Discussions amongst webmasters bring out a very valuable piece of information into light. According to this, a new update in Panda might be initiated this week. Although Google has not sanctioned any truth about this statement, it could possibly pop up as the greatest change people were hoping to see from a very long time.

Previously a lot of page 1 spots were occupied by different pages of the same domain. This algorithm update will produce more available spots to compete for. This would make it possible for other websites; products and companies to grab a spot on page one and increase their traffic. To watch this updated algorithm function for what it is built to perform, we need to wait for a while. The algo changes processed is expected to be broadcasted across different search terms eventually.

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