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SEO 5S: Japanese Management Principles For Effective SEO

5S is a Japanese tradition of workplace/household management. It is a list of five Japanese words – seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. When transliterated in English, they all begin with a ‘S’ and hence they are termed as 5S. I had always known these principles but I never paid much attention to it until a few days ago. While I was at a local store, I saw a poster highlighting the 5S principle of management and I found that the principles hold true even in our search engine optimizaton projects....

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Local Business SEO: Target Right Audience For A Better ROI

ost of the businesses these days are unable to get promised ROI on their search engine optimization campaign. A part of the reason is they are unable to target the right audience effectively. While setting-up a SEO campaign, it is always crucial that we pick out the keyword phrases that can bring in the most targeted and relevant traffic which would convert and provide ROI. In order to secure relevant traffic that would be interested in your product or services, here are few simple tips and tools you can use. Optimize...

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Using ‘User Feedback’ To Improve Your SEO Campaign’s ROI

Like any other marketing campaign, the goal of a SEO campaign is to provide good ROI. While obviously keyword selection and proper implementation of SEO techniques is crucial for SEO success, the ROI depends on how you capitalize the SEO traffic. An important tool for improving your ROI is ‘user feedback’. What Is ‘User Feedback’? KindOfDigital.com has the most appropriate and educating definition where it mentions that a ‘user feedback’ is – A specific type of user-generated content: that created as a response to...

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User Behavior: How It Affects Your SEO Rankings

The most important SEO factor is a website’s capability to deliver relevant results for search queries a user is performing. Google looks at over 200 ranking factors and releases over 500 algorithmic updates every year to ensure that it is providing the most relevant search results for its users (at least thats what we are led to believe – read about shady affects of Google Hummingbird update on Local SEO). But how do we ensure that the searchers are provided with a page that delivers ‘user satsifaction’?...

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How Google Hummingbird Affected Our Local Search Results?

We saw a lot of fluctuations in local rankings in last one and a half month – towards the end of August and the whole of September. Though there was no official confirmation from Google about any updates back then, it is now more understandable why we noticed such changes. The reason – well, it is the new Google search engine algorithm update named Hummingbird. What Bird? Did You Say Hummingbird? What Is That? Yes, you read it right the first time. The new algorithm update is called Hummingbird. Apparently, Google...

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Hit by EMD Update? 6 Things You need to Do Right Away

There was a minor weather report indicating how Google penalized so-called low-quality EMDs. Matt Cutts indicated this in a tweet that was sent on 28 September 2012.  He said it was a minor update and would affect just about 0.6% of English-US search queries and it was not related to Penguin/Panda in any way. Though the update was supposed to be minor (as suggested by Matt Cutts) but it turned out to be quite a massive update concerning affiliate sites and for most webmasters who relied on their domain power to rank....

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